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NEW*** If you are looking for something specific for your group, please contact me!  I will teach or train a wide variety of groups from Outdoor Programming and Playground Workouts to Mom's Stroller groups and healthy people of all ages!  Want to do a Fitness Party or Office Wellness Time?  I can help you! (Cost per participant varies depending on activity and group size)  Also, book me to speak about fitness or nutrition at your next gathering!
​There are several private FIT training packages available currently.  All of them include meeting with Kara 1-2x/week with the option of including a bonus of nutrition coaching sessions throughout the month.  The only difference between the packages is the duration of commitment.  **There is also semi-private group training available for groups of 2-4 people. Friends have fun with this....or I can pair you with someone.**
  • Jumpstart FIT- 3 months of personal training (Available for private and semi-private training)
  • FIT Journey- 6 months of personal training (Private training only)
  • Stay FIT- maintenance level, meeting 2x/month (upon completion of Jumpstart or Journey)
  • FIT Sampler: Includes 2 Personal Training sessions and 1 Nutrition Coaching Session.  Perfect for someone who wants to try FIT out!  If you like it, you can purchase a longer package.
  • NEW!! ​Remote Online Training: A flat monthly fee includes weekly video call, emails/texts for accountability, and a new program every month.
Live sessions last an hour and include a comprehensive workout based on your needs and goals.  We can meet at your home, outside, or at a studio space that I rent here in Rochester.  **Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation or to find out package pricing.    


​REFERRAL REWARD:  If you refer someone that signs up with me, you get a FREE one hour training or nutrition session!  Take advantage of that today!

GIFT CERTIFICATES:   Celebrate birthdays or whatever occasion! What a great way to give your loved ones the gift of health!  Help them get started!

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Do you feel like you have a great exercise regime, but need help with nutrition?  Maybe you are wondering why your progress has stalled... it's probably your nutrition!  Since I am a Certified Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach, I can help you with that in a very practical, applicable way.  

Mid August-Sept 1st, I will be accepting another small group of clients for the ProCoach online nutrition coaching program. This is the same software and curriculum that Precision Nutrition uses to coach their clients through body transformation world wide!  It is a 12 month curriculum that includes daily emails to a participating client with me as the coach! (It can be ended at 3, 6, or 9 months as well) Since it is all online, you don't need to live where I live, but you get the personal coach and accountability and guidance!  The basis of this program is to transform your eating habits, build skills, build a positive mindset, and in turn- transform your body!  For a visual and more info, head over to this link:  Watch the 3 minute video.  

​This program would be just right for you if you have ever said, "Just tell me what to do."  Or, "I know what I need to do, I just need to do it."  

There are two options at this time: 
1) Hands-on Coaching with Pro-Coach **recommended**
2) Automated Coaching with Pro-Coach
I can sign you up by simply inviting you by email.  Call or email me for more detail, for pricing, or to get started!

I will still do live monthly group nutrition classes for cooking, grocery tours, and lessons.
FIT Nutrition Coaching Program