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I am now leading group nutrition classes and cooking classes.  Anyone welcome!  Contact me for details and location.  If you'd like to hire me for a private group class, I'll do that too!  Price depends on ingredient cost. The class we did in June was a full meal of roasted pork loin with avocado/tomatillo salsa, strawberry/lime cooler, and southwestern salad.  Tuesday, August 29th will be a grill class at 4:30 pm. In the fall, we will be doing a Chopped Cooking Challenge.
I've started working more with pre-natal and post-natal women on getting their bodies ready for labor and delivery as well as re-strengthening their bodies post-partum in an appropriate, safe way.  These are two important times in a woman's life to be healthy and strong!  Contact me if you need help with this.
Above, you can see some of the outdoor group trainings that I lead throughout the year.  Also, a group yoga class for my clients- "yoga in the park."  
My FIT community periodically meets for group trainings- We will do this one Saturday per month.  Open to the public, $10 per person.  The next one will be in August sometime (TBD), outside at Soldier's Field- weather permitting.  Contact me for more information, or keep an eye on my FIT Facebook page. (
These photos are from our spring time cooking class! Star ingredient- cauliflower. What fun!