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I am now leading group cooking classes!  Anyone welcome!  Contact me for details and location.  If you'd like to hire me for a private group class, I'll do that too!  $20/person  The next class will be in January sometime: “Healthy Comfort Food.”  Stay tuned on the date and time!
I've been working more with pregnant women on getting their bodies ready for labor and delivery, as well as re-strengthening their bodies post-partum in an appropriate, safe way.  These are two important times in a woman's life to be healthy and strong!  Contact me if you need help with this.
Above, you can see some of the outdoor group trainings that I lead throughout the year.  Also, a group yoga class for my clients- "yoga in the park."  
My FIT community meets for group trainings- one Saturday per month.  Open to the public, $10 per person.  The next one will be December 1st at 8 am at the Vitality studio space.  Contact me for more information, or watch my FIT Facebook page. (   
Here, you see some of our cooking class groups and some of the themes.  "Cauliflower...what do you do with it?" and "Healthy Comfort Foods," as well as "Grill Class!"  The middle group seen was part of our client "Chopped" Cooking Challenge....the theme was "Squash Family."

Introducing.....the FIT Community Garden 2018!!
We are grew our own food and can’t wait to do it again next year!