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I lead group cooking classes!  Anyone is welcome!  Let’s Cook: Breakfast is from 5-6:30 pm on March 14th in my FIT kitchen!  We’ll be making a breakfast salad, breakfast bowls, sheet pan pancakes, protein bars, and smoothie kits.  Mmmm!  $20/person supply fee.
My FIT community meets for group trainings- one Saturday per month.  Open to the public, $10 per person.  The next one will meet at the FIT gym on 3/11 at 8:30 am!!  Contact me for more information, or follow my Facebook page to stay current.  
Above, you see some of our cooking class groups and some of the themes.  "Grill Class," "Cauliflower...what do you do with it?" and "Healthy Comfort Foods."  The middle group seen was part of our client "Chopped" Cooking Challenge....the theme was "Squash Family."  We have a lot of fun together!

Introducing.....the FIT Community Garden!  2022 is our 5th season of growing our own food!  We enjoyharvesting our own fruits, vegetables, and herbs!  I take pride in promoting a learning environment for my FIT Crew.

YOU ARE INVITED!  FIT Coaching has started a NEW supportive, "Closed" Facebook Group page for MOMS called The FIT Mom Place!  I've been wanting to do more to support the mom community in their health, and this is the start of it!  If you are looking for a positive, FUN, supportive place to hang out with ME as the guide, join this FREE group here:  What a fun, interactive group!
NEW: Open YOGA at my FIT Gym space!  Find the gym at 1610 Hwy 52 N inside Absolute Chiropractic.  Yoga with Rochelle is Wednesday, 3/29 from 12-1.  $10/person, all are welcome.  If you have any knowledge and experience with yoga, these classes will be a good fit for you.  Bring a mat if you have one.  No need to be a “member” to participate. 
"Suspense" Classes are back!  Suspense is taught at my new gym space (1610 Hwy 52 N inside Absolute Chiropractic)!  Try Suspense: STRONG on 3/23 from 4:30-5:15. This fun class utilizes two suspension strap systems!  It's fun and it's a GREAT workout!  WIN!  This 45 minute specialty class is $15/person.  Email me for more details and sign up info.
For updates on all classes offered and how to sign up, LIKE and follow my Fit Coaching Facebook page!