​​FIT offers private, semi-private, and virtual personal training. This includes meeting with Kara 1-2x/week with the option of including the ProCoach nutrition program as an add-on. The only difference between the packages is the duration of commitment. **Semi-private group training available for groups of 2-3 people. Friends have fun with this....or I can pair you with someone.**. 
Jumpstart FIT- 3 months of personal training (Offered for private and semi-private training)

FIT Journey- 6 months of personal training (Private training only)

Stay FIT- maintenance level, meeting 2x/month (upon completion of Jumpstart or Journey)

FIT Sampler: Includes 2 Personal Training sessions and 1 Live Nutrition Coaching Session. Perfect for someone who wants to try FIT out! If you like it, you can purchase a longer package after the Sampler.

Remote Online Training: A flat monthly fee includes weekly video call, emails/texts for accountability, some nutrition info, and a new program every month. You can also be added to the FIT Facebook community for extra support, events, and more!

Live sessions last an hour and include a comprehensive workout based on your needs and goals. We can meet at your home, outside, or at a studio space that I rent here in Rochester. 
**Contact me to set up a complimentary consultation or to find out package pricing.   

**CURRENT AVAILABILITY: IN APRIL, I will be “remote” training only!  Contact me to get started on a plan that will fit your needs!  We need to stay healthy and sane!!!  I can help!

Interact with me on my Facebook group page at www.facebook.com/fit.ks